Refreshment service training : we regularly train our service engineers to maintain their skills and enable our service team to provide quality service to our valued customers.

Refreshment service training


Instrument installation & Troubleshooting : in addition to installation of our instruments, our team of service engineers also provide on-site operation training and troubleshooting for our customer.

Instrument installation & Troubleshooting


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Quality assurance information distribution : we regularly update our service engineers with new technical information, to enable them to maintain the quality and performance of our instruments at our customers’ site .

Quality assurance information distribution

IQ/OQ/PM : we train and certify our service engineers in the region to perform qualification and maintenance of our instrumenta in order to ensure that our instrument performance meet the specifications.


Warranty management : we manage and process warranty claims from our customers..

Warranty management

After Sales Service We believe that your instrument is your investment. To protect and also to repair your instrument(s), please contact our After Sales Service Departmen

After Sales Service


Spare part We make sure that your instrument should be works very well. Our service engineer will help you to check and recommend any spare part needed for your instrument.

Spare part

People Development We believe that peope is the main asset for your company or institution. To develop people skill and knowledge in your company,

People development